I still remember Sep 2015, when my first recipe episode- Quesadillas- went live on
my YouTube channel- Meghna’s Food Magic.. feels like yesterday only. We were
pleasantly surprised to see google ads playing on my video from day 1. And in no
time we crossed 500 subscribers. 

That day and now, the channel is already above 3 Million plus views; with 90
episodes released & 27,000 subscribers and 1.2 million followers on social media;
within a a period of 2 years, brand Meghna became an internet sensation.

Thank you viewers and stay tuned, more exciting stuff coming up. 

Meghna’s Food Magic - http://bit.ly/2fF8oTY - Be part of this journey & discover
Intelligent Food which is a combination of healthy plus tasty food. Some amazing
baking ideas & heavenly desserts.