I Never make a new year resolution because it’s meant to be broken, so many people have told me this. BUT what if I say if you believe you are doing all the right things, just Be at it, and that’s my New Year Renewal- a renewed zeal and zest to persuade happiness with these 4 “Be re-resolutions.”


  1. Be in Love : Not just with the people in your lives but Be in Love with what you do. I run into so many people who feel inspired hearing how I changed my life post motherhood, and how they wished they could do it themselves. Well the good news is if I can so can you. To begin with, Be in Love. If you don’t Love what you do, if you don’t Love yourself and if you don’t Love your life, this is the resolution you’ve got to take, now and not tomorrow... right at this moment. Fall in Love & Be in Love with Yourself first.
  2. Be Curious: Well, curiosity may have killed the cat, but it will definitely liven you up. Every person I meet from domestic helper, to CEO of a large enterprise; from my make up dada to my Director of Photography; I am so curious about what I can learn from them. Am so curious about wanting to learn something new from them. I never applied makeup 10 years ago; i do now; thanks to those little tips and deluge of tutorial videos on youtube.
  3. Be Learner : I remember going to college and acting absolutely dumb not because I was acting out dumb but I told myself that I am hear to listen and learn more than showing off how much I know. And so letting my final results do all the talking rather than me. Everyday so many of you message me  or even trollers who put comments sometimes positive sometimes not so positive. And thanks to them I am learning something new everyday. 
  4. Believe in the God : Going to temple twice, Fasting or knowing entire prayer doesn’t necessarily make you holier than the rest. But yes, never stop believing in the Super Power. He/She is watching you and no matter who thinks of you in what way; so long as you are truthful to yourself, you are being truthful to the God. Never stop believing as miracles do happen.

       Happy New Year.