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Mango Phirni

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Recipe Ingredients

Ingredients :
Half a litter full-fat milk
Mango pulp
1/4th cup Rice
Elaichi powder
Mango - small chopped pieces

Method :
Today we'll make Mango Phirni
Take Full-fat milk in a pan
Put the heat on
Take crushed rice so that they get cooked properly and you will get a grainy texture
Wait as the milk gets cooked along with rice
We have to let it cook till the milk gets thickened and rice gets cooked
We are making Mango Phirni so we'll add Pulp later on
If you want to make traditional Phirni then make it with Kevda & Rose essence.
Here I am adding Elaichi powder
Milk has reduced and now time to add sugar
Always add sugar late
Sugar leaves the water so we will have to cook it for some more time
Time to transfer the thick mixture into a bowl
We need to cool it down before

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