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Eggless Blueberry Cake

Mixing dry ingredients-
Use a sifter to sift the flour & other dry ingredients.
It will give you good aeration while preparing the cake.
Take 100 gm Maida (plain flour) mixed with 1 tsp of baking powder & 1 baking soda.
Add blueberries. 
Mix well.
Maida coating on blueberries will ensure that they don’t sink at the bottom of the mould while baking.

Mixing wet ingredients-
In a separate bowl, take 80 gm butter kept at room temperature.
Add 200 gm condensed milk.
Add 100 ml milk
#MeghnasMagicTip - Please ensure all the ingredients are taken at room temperature, else results will not be good.
Mix the wet ingredients with a beater.
#MeghnasMagicTip Always add dry ingredients into wet ingredients to mix well. Use cut & fold method to mix all the ingredients well.
Now use the beater to churn the cake batter.

Take non-stick individual baking moulds & grease it with oil. Place parchment paper at the bottom. This will ensure cakes comes off the baking moulds nicely. 
Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree for 10 minutes. And baking time will be 20 minutes.
Take out the cake.
Drizzle icing sugar lime mix on top of the warm cake.
Eggless Blueberry Cake is ready.
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Recipe Ingredients

Dry ingredients-
100 gm Maida 
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
Some Blueberries

Wet ingredients-
80 gm butter (not melted, just room temperature)
200 gm Condensed milk
100 ml milk 
1 tsp Vanila Essence

To make sugar syrup-
1 cup water
2 tsp sugar

To decorate cake:
Icing sugar mixed with drops of lime juice
Mix it well

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