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Aloo Paratha / Stuffed Aloo Paratha

Method :-
- To make atta combined flour , salt , oil. 
- mix evey thing well.  
- Then add water ( slowly. an required ) to make nice dough
- To make stuffing, add oil in a hot pan. 
- Then add ginger and garlic. 
- Cook for 2 minutes and then add onion , green chili  and salt. 
- Let them cook till onion becomes soft. 
- Now add masala and sprinkle some water so that masala will not get burn. 
-Then add boiled and mashed potatoes.
- Mix evey thing well. And keep stuffing aside. 
- Take big ball of the atta and roll half way.
-Then add spoon full of stuffing and roll it again. 
- Roll nice round Paratha.
- Place the Paratha on a pan and let it cook both the side. 
- Then apply butter on both the side. 
- Let Paratha get cook nice golden brown
- Serve  the stuffed Paratha hot with butter and green chutney. 
- You may have pickle & yogurt with it if you like.


Recipe Ingredients

For stuffing -
100 g Aloo (potato ) ( boiled n mashed )
1 clove garlic  ( finely chopped )
2 spring onions  ( chopped )
1 tbs.  coriander  ( chopped )
ginger  ( small piece )
1 green chili  (chopped )
1/2 tsp any masala ( garam masala, sambhar masala or kitchen king masala ) salt to teast butter 

For Paratha-
1 cup wheat flour (atta)
1 tbs. oil

For Garnishing -
green chutney 

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