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Fajeto & Daal (Gujarati Jain Food Recipe)


Take left over of 4 ripe mangoes.

After you take out mango pulp for aam ras (mango juice), 

you are left with the skin and the seed of mango.

Fajeto is made from the pulp leftover off the mango skin and seeds.

Squeeze out the remaining mango pulp from the mango skin and the seeds into 2 cups of water.

You will get thick mango pulp flavored water.

Keep this water aside.

For Tadka

In a pan, Take 2 tsp oil or ghee  add 1/2 tsp cumin seeds and some mustard seeds add a pinch of asafetida Once the mustard seeds & cumin seeds crackle, add kadi patta (Curry leaves)Now add 1/4 tsp turmeric powder (haldi) & 1 tsp chili powder Salt as per taste.

Now add the mango flavored thick water (kept aside earlier)  add 2 tsp sugar (as per your taste)

Bring it to boil

Fajeto is ready; it's usually watery consistency (like Rasam).

Sometimes Fajeto can also be made with Curd & Chickpea flour, but it's a different recipe.

You can enjoy Fajeto with rice and dry mung daal.

To make Mung Daal

Cook pre-soaked mung daal with very little water, salt & turmeric powder (haldi).

Bring it to boil. Keep taking out the white color froth that keeps coming out of mung daal.

Cook till it's almost done. 

For Tadka on daal - take oil, add asafoetida & red chili powder.

Add this tadka on top of Mung Daal & cook till daal gets cooked properly. 

Enjoy the Jain Special Fajeto, Mung Daal and Rice this Summer Season. 

Recipe Ingredients

4 Ripe mangoes’ left over skin and seeds

Oil / Ghee

Asafetida (Hing)

Cumin seeds

Mustard seeds

Kadi patta (curry leaves)

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